Brassica Olracea (Sprouting Broccoli) – Organic Seeds


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Broccoli is a dinner table staple that is well-known for its immune-boosting and cancer-fighting potential.  It’s a rich source of vitamin C and is considered beneficial to good heart health.  Broccoli sprouts, even more so than mature florets, have a higher levels of beneficial phytochemicals believed to have antioxidant and disease-fighting properties. It is believed that sprouts have a higher level of these chemicals so they can protect against disease in the crucial beginning stages of growth. The sprouts, which impart a radish-like flavor to dishes, are used similarly to alfalfa sprouts or bean sprouts.  This variety has a tendency to have multiple heads with a thin stalk as opposed to a thicker, single stalk.

Growing Information: Seeds can be sown directly outdoors once the weather has warmed. Cover with a very thin dusting of soil (about 1/16″). A rich, alluvial soil is recommended. Thin plants to about a foot apart.

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