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Taurine is a substance that is naturally produced in the body but which also naturally occurs in foods, particularly egg, meats, dairy and seafoods. It is a major component of bile and is produced in the pancreas from the amino acid, cysteine. It acts as an antioxidant and is said to be neuro-protective, protecting the body and mind in instances of stress. Taurine is probably most well-known as a component in many energy drinks, but it also has uses in the pharmaceutical industry, pet foods and cosmetics. Animal studies have shown that taurine can have an anti-anxiety effect on the CNS. It is actually a required component in cat foods according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and it is especially important in preventing eye and heart problems a well as tooth decay and hair loss in these animals. Taurine is even added to some brands of contact lens solution. It is believed that its use in the cosmetic industry is related to skin hydration and antifibrotic properties. Taurine has been studied for its ability to combat obesity and heart disease, specifically arteriosclerosis, congestive heart failure and coronary heart disease. Since taurine is responsible for healthy skeletal muscle functioning, it is believed that is may help foster proper functioning of the heart muscle in those suffering from congestive heart failure. For the same reason, it has been studied for use in those who experience facial twitching and epilepsy. Taurine has also been studied for possible benefits to diabetics and those who may develop cataracts. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the average diet (and especially vegan diets) contains significant amounts of taurine, and so supplementation might be necessary just as it is in pet foods if it were going to be used for any type of effect. This product is assayed at a minimum of 99.4% purity

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