Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb) 10:1 Powder Extract


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Calea is also known as “Dream Herb” because it was used by the Mazatec Shamans to induce lucid dreaming. This includes things like realizing one is dreaming while dreaming, controlling dreams, dreaming more vividly and increased recollection of dreams. The ability to dream lucidly is said to increase with practice. We make no claims about the ability of this product to have any effect on dreaming and do not offer it for human consumption. NO SALES TO LOUISIANA. (Contact us if you have an approved use.) 

This is a 10:1 extract of the traditional variety of calea zacatechichi. This concentrated extract of Mexican-grown leaf has approximately 10 times the essence by weight.  ALSO OFFERING CALEA SEEDS, LIVE PLANTS, LEAF AND OTHER EXTRACTS!

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