Stetsonia Coryne (Toothpick Cactus) Seeds


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Stesonia Coryne is known as toothpick cactus, for its long, thick spines, which can actually be used as toothpicks. This branching species is the only member of its genus, and forms large stands that can measure up to thirty feet in height. It is native to Northwestern Argentina and is hardy outdoors in Zones 9 through 11. It can reportedly withstand bouts of frost down to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. More often, it is grown as a potted plant that is moved indoors during the colder months. It is a night bloomer with pinkish white flowers. The rinds of the fruits are eaten raw while the entire fruit is eaten cooked. A moderately fast grower, coryne should be watered regularly throughout the summer for best growth.

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