Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) – Organic Seed


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Milk thistle is an annual or biennial herb growing to about 3-5 feet. Its green and white leaves, as well as its poofy purple flowers and ornate spikes, give it an aesthetic appeal. Its flowers are also attractive to butterflies, and the leaves are edible. Nonetheless, this species is grown extensively for use in herbal medicine. It is said to increase breast milk production, improve memory loss and relieve depression. However, the majority of its medicinal employment focuses on the liver. An active ingredient known as silymarin, which is chiefly concentrated in the plant’s seeds, is used to improve liver function and protect against toxic substances. It has been connected to relieving hangover and treating mushroom poisoning. Others have used it to counteract liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is easy to grow and will tolerate a variety of terrain.

NOTE: This is considered a noxious weed in Washington state. It is not sold for growing purposes to Washington state.

Growing Information: Milk Thistle will grow in most soils, even rocky or dry soil. It can be sown directly outdoors at a depth of ¼” in fall or early spring and does not require any specific treatment. Germination typically occurs in 1-3 weeks. Established plants prefer full sun and do not require much water. Seed used for medicinal purposes should be harvested when brown. In purchasing, international buyers agree to assume the risk of arrival of all items. We cannot replace lost or seized items. You will be required to confirm that you agree to these terms before items can be sent.

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