Pedicularis Bracteosa (Bracted Lousewort) c/s Herb


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World Seed Supply is proud to bring you yet another type of pedicularis herb. Pedicularis Bracteosa, like several other species of pedicularis herb, is used to support muscle relaxation, anxiety remedy and an aphrodisiac. Pedicularis bracteosa is a suitable substitute for pedicularis densiflora.  Pedicularis herb is often regarded as many times stronger than valerian.  Some users have reported that it can assist in restful sleep.  The entire plant is active.  This is a more economical alternative to the pedicularis buds we offer as long as you are not specifically looking for flower material. Pedicularis bracteosa is hemi-parasitic and feeds off the roots of a host plant. We are one of the few suppliers of this rare herb. We also carry other species of pedicularis seed and pedicularis herb, including pedicularis densiflora buds, pedicularis racemosa, pedicularis grandiflora and pedicularis groenlandica buds.

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