Passiflora Alata (Red Star Passion Flower) Seeds




Passiflora alata is a medicinal passilfora species that produces a prized edible “passion fruit”. Passiflora flowers are among nature’s best work, and the flowers of alata are no exception. Aside from the typical purple stringy passilfora flower structure, passiflora alata flowers are mounted on a red star-shaped sepal. Passiflora alata is sometimes, called Ruby Star for this feature. Alata flowers are fragrant, and they attract bees, butterflies and birds, which can be helpful in increasing the production of surrounding crop plants. Native to the Amazon region from Peru to Brazil, passilfora alata plants are typically grown indoors, at least for the winter, because they cannot withstand temperatures any lower than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, they should be given full sun for proper flower and fruit production. In Brazil, the plant material is used in traditional folk medicine much like that of other passiflora species to treat insomnia, nerves and pain.  We also offer a large selection of other passiflora species.

Growing Information: Passilfora seeds are naturally tough to germinate. They have a hard seed coat, which often requires pretreatment. Soak the seed sin warm water for 48 hours prior to planting. Some growers may choose to lightly file the seed coat prior to this in order to allow water to penetrate more easily. Cover the seeds with 3/8” of a well-draining fertile soil mixture. Keep the soil damp and consistently between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Room temperature may be too cold, and it is important to note that soil temperature may differ from air temperature. Provide bright light. Fertilize lightly once per week once the plant is a few inches tall.

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