Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus) 25X Resin Extract


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Blue lotus is a sacred waterlily whose medicinal and euphoric effects were valued at least since the times of the ancient Egyptians.  Blue lotus is a sacred symbol across the world. The flower was often steeped in wine and drank.  Blue lotus is sometimes mistook for pink lotus, which is a true lotus. Both of these contain similar active compounds and have similar effects. They are both aquatic flowers. But nymphaea is actually part of the waterlily family, and it requires a tropical climate to thrive. Both of these are used for a calming effect. This is a concentrated resin made from blue lotus flowers. The resin is soluble in hot water.  We also offer powdered blue lotus extract.

Many blue lotus extracts are actually mistakenly made with nelumbo nucifera.  This is our 25X resin extract made from organic Thai-grown nymphaea caerulea flowers. We have dealt with the same supplier for well over a decade. We also offer a huge range of lotus products (blue, white, pink and red), including dried flowers, pure petals, pure stamens, seeds and extracts!

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