Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) – White Hulu Powder




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White Hulu kratom is from the Hulu Kapuas part of the West Kalimantan province. Hulu Kapuas is a lesser-known region, and for that reason, it may be less popular as a strain. But white Hulu kratom powder is one of the most popular types we offer for people looking for a variety that they do not see everywhere.  We only stock Hulu Kapuas in white kratom powder, meaning we do not offer Red or Green Hulu at this time.  White Hulu has generally been well-received, including among our wholesale clients. Some people would compare white Hulu kratom to our white maeng da powder. However, Hulu kratom could technically be called Indonesian or Borneo kratom, since Hulu comes from a region on the island of Borneo within the country of Indonesia.  This just underlines the fact that the names of strains are less important on a larger scale when cross-comparing vendors. However, they still hold purpose of distinguishing batches or types offered by a particular vendor as long as they are consistent.  Each “strain” we offer is consistently from the same supply line every time so that the product can be as consistent as nature allows. Certainly, product, including coloration, can vary. But this is the most we can do to ensure you are getting the same product from the same supply line. We do not use any fancy names for marketing, and we wish to educate people regarding how these names actually work.


WE CANNOT SHIP THIS PRODUCT TO  AL, AR, IN, TN, VT, WI and anywhere else it is or may become prohibited. 

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