Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) – White Maeng Da Powder




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This is one of our most popular strains! White Maeng Da is made from the young white-veined leaves of the Maneg Da kratom strain. When we refer to different types of kratom powders as “strains”, that term is technically inaccurate since there is not a single distinctive trait associated with any of those “strains”.  Those are names identified by region like we may identify coffee by its region. There can be environmental effects on the way a plant grows, including how its chemical content is affected, but there is no genetic characteristic associated with a region. But in the case of the Maeng Da leaf, the leaf has a physical difference. True Maeng Da leaves have spikey edges.  Regardless of where you grow this, it is will appear the same way. So we can accurately refer to Maeng Da as a kratom strain. Like all of our other kratom powders, our white Maeng Da is ground to an ultra-fine consistency.


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