Mitragyna Hirsuta (Kra Thum Khok ) 25X Resin Extract


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Mitragyna hirsuta is a medicinal herb from Southeast Asia that is closely related and closely resembles mitragyna speciosa (kratom). Several species in the mitragyna genus have been used as medicinal herbs, and surely mitragyna speciosa is by far the most popular. Mitragyna hirsuta is perhaps the next most promising species in the genus, and it has gained some popularity on the back of kratom as people become more interested in alternative herbs. Mitragyna hirsuta is sometimes sought when kratom is not available, or it can be mixed to create a blend with a broader spectrum of alkaloids.

Mitragyna hirsuta is known in southeast Asia as “Kra Thum Khok”,. Kra Thum Khok contains a different alkaloid profile than kratom, with the most notable alkaloid in mitrgyna hirsuta being mitrapylline. Mitraphylline is actually present in mitragyna speciosa, but only as a supporting alkaloid, whereas it is a primary alkaloid in mitragyna hirsuta, and hirsuta does not contain the alkaloids that are mostly responsible for kratom’s activity. MItragyna hirsuta also contains iso-mitraphylline, rhynchophylline, isorhynchophylline and hirsutine. So the two species are not entirely the same, nor are they entirely different.

After reviewing different sources listing the alkaloid content of mitragyna hirsuta, we did not see any that mentioned mitragynine or 70H mitragynine, so it is clear, that these alkaloids do not play a role in the activity of mitragyna hirsuta leaf. But we were curious if perhaps there were trace amounts. In 2016, we had samples of raw mitragyna hirsuta powder tested, and those results indicated that were no detectable amounts of mitragynine or 7-0H mitragynine in the raw powder. It would be interesting to test different batches of mitragyna hirsuta leaf grown in different regions or harvested at different times. Mitrapylline is another indole alkaloid, and it is also present in cat’s claw vine (uncaria tomentosa), Mitraphylline has shown potential to reduce inflammation in studies on mice, and the results did not show any indication of toxicity.

From a botanical standpoint, mitragyna hirsuta leaves have a similar structure and appearance to kratom leaves. But it would not be difficult for anyone who is familiar with kratom leaves to tell them apart.

We offer a 25X extract of mitragyna hirsuta leaves. Here we offer this extract in powdered form. We also offer a 25X mitragna hirsuta resin.

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