Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) – White Bali Powder




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White Bali kratom powder is another addition to our selection of finely powdered white-veined kratom leaf. This strain is one of 19 strains of certified sterile kratom powders that we offer. This is sterilized right here in the USA. Bali is one of the original “strains” of kratom. We have been selling kratom since 2003, and we approach kratom from an academic standpoint. We were in the kratom business before it was well-known because we have always been interested in ethnobotanical plants. We like to set certain small facts straight that many people may not realize. Bali is not technically a strain. A strain would actually have some genetic distinction to qualify as a strain. Bali is just like many other kratom “strains”. The “Bali” strain name comes from the origin.  In Bali’s case, the origin is not even where the kratom is grown. Many people aren’t even aware that there is no kratom grown in Bali. Bali is actually just a shipping port and where it is brought to market from all over Indonesia. Early kratom vendors adopted the name based on where it was coming from without investigating any further. There are huge kratom markets in places like Bali where kratom is brought from all over Indonesia to be sold.  Most Bali in the U.S. was from the same few sources at the time. But the name Bali became less informative to identify what people were buying as more vendors sprouted up.  So it is important to understand as a consumer that Bali from one vendor to another is most likely not the same. We make sure to only use one supply line for our white Bali as a throwback to when you knew where your Bali was coming from.




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