Handmade Cold-Pressed Muscadine Grape Juice


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This is an absolute delicacy. In a time when real food is so sought-after, this is an entirely handmade, small batch craft product. These grapes are grown 100% without any chemicals, including even organic pesticides. The grapes are picked by hand, hand-washed then pressed manually. This is a cold-pressed juice, which means there is nothing but the juice as it flows from the grapes. No water is added. The juice is strained by hand. The bottles are then hand-filled, hand corked and pasteurized manually. Muscadine pulp is more of a jelly than traditional grapes, so it releases even less liquid.  It takes about 10lb of grapes to make a half gallon of this juice. The price reflects the true cost of production for real food. But the product is like no other. This is nothing like the grape juice you are familiar with. The result is a syrupy sweet juice with bits of pulp that come through the mesh and settle out. Be sure to give the bottle a good shake before opening. This comes in a high-quality, thick amber 750ml wine bottle. ALSO OFFERING BLACK AND BRONZE MUSCADINE GRAPE SEEDS & DRIED LEAVES.

We offer this product in black, white (Bronze muscadines) or a blend. The Bronze is made with Carlos muscadines. The Black is made with Noble Muscadines, and the blend is a combo of these two. Be sure to specify which color you want if you have a preference. You can email or write on your order form.

Muscadine grapes despite being very sweet are said to have a positive support for type 2 diabetes by actually lowering blood glucose levels. Muscadines are said to potentially help with cholesterol and triglyceride levels while reducing blood clot risk. Muscadine grapes contain significantly higher levels of resveratrol than regular grapes, especially in the skin. Resveretrol is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and the key compound in grape seed extract. The intense pigment in the black grapes is also a sign of its high levels of polyphenols. You find this in most fruits that have a dark purple to blue pigment such as blueberries, blackberries, elder berry. black currant and chokeberries. Polyphenols and resveratrol could account for some of these purported benefits

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