Gibberellic Acid GA-3 Powder – Natural Plant Growth Hormone, Seed Germinator


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GA3 was initially inadvertently disocvered in the late 1800’s Japan by farmers who noticed their plants showed abnormal growth in which they would grow weak yet excessively in height They called this “bakane” or ‘foolish seedling’ disease. Upon further investigation it was found that the disease was caused by the “Gibberella fujikuroi” fungus which contained gibberllins IT wasn’t until the 1950’s scientists discovered a way to extract the gibberllic acid for agricultural use.

Ga3 is a plant hormone used to induce growth in seeds that are dormant or have difficulty germinatiing. Plants naturally produce GA3 to regulate phases of growth. Plants treated with Ga3 have been known to yield more fruit, increase in height time over a shorter span in time. It is considered a non toxic, organic treatment.


Begin with a 50ppm-300ppm solution and soak the seeds over a 24-hour period. Again, experimentation is key in order to achieving the best results.

100mg of acid dissolved in:

25 ppm = 4000 ml of water
50 ppm = 2000 ml of water
100 ppm = 1000 ml of water
250 ppm = 400 ml of water
500 ppm = 200 ml of water
1000 ppm = 100 ml of water

Please note that different plants will have varying reactions.

Use a few drops of rubbing alcohol in order to dilute the GA3 powder. Add water, and let the solution stand over a 24-hour period before use.

Avoid spraying too frequently as the plants will build an immunity and stop responding to GA-3

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