Capsicum Annuum (Serrano Pepper) Seeds


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Hot peppers are actually members of the nightshade family. Hot peppers have long been used as a spice in a variety of ethnic cuisines and are considered to have medicinal properties. Capsaicin, the active principle, releases endorphins that can relieve pain and itching and can be used to “burn” out a cold. It is also used for sore throat, circulatory problems, and problems in the GI tract. It can, however, cause other stomach problems if consumed in excess.
The serrano tampequino pepper is a classic heirloom chili with top-notch flavor and hearty fruits. This is considered by many to be the best variety of serrano. It is great for pickling, salsas, soups and more. Plants are capable of producing well over 100 fruits each, which is enough to satisfy most needs. The fruits are hot, but not overpowering like some of the fireballs we offer. For this pepper, it is more about the flavor but without totally sacrificing the heat. The 1.5”-2” fruits begin green and turn to red with maturity, which occurs in 75-85 days. Fruits tend to start bearing late in the season but will make up or it by producing long and well afterwards.

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