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We offer certified Canadian-grown hemp seed. Hemp is a cannabis sativa plant devoid of significant delta 9 thc levels that is used specifically for its nutritional benefits and fiber. Under the Farm Bill, any cannabis product under .3% delta 9 thc is legal under Federal law. That includes cannabis seeds. Compliant hemp products may still contain levels of other cannabanoids. These seeds are also selected to produce plant matter that should be compliant with these regulations. Be sure to consult any local and state regulations if you plan to grow hemp.
Hemp is one of the most useful plants on earth. One of the primary uses is as a superfood. Hemp seeds are one of the easiest grains to grow. Hemp is an incredible source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Just 2 to 3 tablespoons of seed provide well over the daily recommended intake. They are about 30% oil and provide an assortment of vitamins and minerals including protein, iron zinc and magnesium. In fact, they are a common source of plant-based protein supplements and can be used to make hemp milk. They can be eaten raw as a snack or added to granola and cereals just like other grains. They can also be made into flour like other grains.
Hemp is a natural and easily renewable source of fiber that can be used to make anything from rope to soap to paper to insulation and clothing. It can be used to make anything that can be made from cotton, wood or plastic. There are an estimated 50,000 uses for hemp. Another of these is a as a fuel source. It can be burned as is or used to make combustible liquid fuels and is cleaner burning and can be produced organically without cutting down huge trees. Hemp can be grown in spaces that are already clear and is more efficient within a given space in terms of fiber production. An acre of hemp produces as much fiber as 4 acres of trees, and that area can be regrown much more quickly.
Hemp seeds, leaves and stems can also used as a livestock and pet feed. It has even been said that feeding industrial hemp to cattle can destress them and reduce inflammation.
Hemp is also beneficial to skin by encouraging the growth of new skin cells, which can reduce signs of aging. It also contains vitamin F, oleic acid and linoleic acids, which also help reduce lines and wrinkles. Additionally, hemp oil balances the sebum levels in the skin, which can reduce oily sheen and ultimately minimize blackheads and acne. Hemp also promotes healthy hair.
Growing Information:
Cannabis seeds can be direct sown or soaked in water and planted with the sprout facing down into the soil. The seed should be buried just below the soil line if pre-sprouted, Otherwise, sow it at a depth of twice the seed’s thickness.. The plants are fairly easy to grow. They enjoy a fertile, airy, loamy soil with regular watering and direct sunlight. The seedlngs should be shaded when young. If they begin to turn purple, they are getting too much light. They can be started under grow lights or outdoors, You can pinch the growing tips to encourage branching  During budding, you should remove the larger fan leaves that may blcok light to the buds,a nd you may even tie the branches down to allow more light to penetrate into the inner branchs. Using a fan on young seedlings will help strengthen their stems. Unlike growing marijuana, you will want to have male and female hemp plants together so they can produce seed.

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