Banisteriopsis Caapi “Sky Blue” (Red Yage) Vine Powder


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Several Malpighiales species fall in the group of vines that are commonly called “caapi” vine. Although banisteriopsis caapi is the true “Caapi”, there are four main colors of caapi vine (red, white, black and yellow).  Of those, there are two red types. There is banisteriopsis muricata, and there is Sky Blue.  Sky blue is an ironic name since the vine itself is very red. The cross section of the vine, though, is easily distinguishable from banisteriopsis and alicia vines. The circles within the circle of the vine’s diameter give the resemblance of a paw. We have even recently acquired a yellow version of this same vine, that is nicknamed “Yellow Tiger’s Paw”.   We have a huge selection of caapi vine, including live plants and seeds. We offer the vines themselves in all four colors in whole, powdered and shredded forms.

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