Anadenanthera Colubrina (Cebil / Vilca) seeds


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In addition to our anadenanthera pergegrina, we offer the very closely related anadenathera colubrina seeds. Our seeds are wildcrafted in Peru. Known as Cebil or Vilca, anadenanthera colubrina seeds are identical to anadenanthera peregrina seeds. There are several varieties of cebil seeds, and so the appearance of these seeds can vary widely, which means looking at the appearance of the seed does not help one distinguish the species. Only chemical analysis can be used to tell the seeds apart if the mature tree is not present because the seeds of these two species contain different alkaloid profiles. The trees of both anadenathera species also look quite similar. Both species have the same fernlike or mimosoid leaves. But there is a difference in their bark. Anadenathera colubrina trees have a darker, smoother bark. Anadenathera peregrina has lighter bark with a rough texture. Colubrina bark is often knotty or thorny with trees reaching heights of about 20 meters in the wild. In cultivation, they can be kept to a more manageable size by growing in smaller pots. When in bloom, cebil trees form dense clusters of white pom pom type flowers bearing the characteristic form of other mimosoid plants. Cebil seeds are valuable in craft use for their unique flat appearance and dark reddish color. Anadenathera colubrina also makes a very valuable lumber, usually sold in South America under the name Curupay. It is a dense hardwood that usually features highly contrasted grain with a variable pattern. Considering the fast growth rate of this tree, there is huge potential for this to be grown as a source of exotic lumber since it has all the qualities one might hope for in a decorative building wood. Anadenanthera colubrina seeds can be grown using the same methods as anadenanthera peregrina.

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