Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Seeds


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Aloe is a genus of over four hundred species. The genus is native to Africa and its surrounding areas and has been historically used as a medicinal plant dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Aloe vera is the most common of all aloe species. Aloe is an ornamental plant as well as a plant of convenience. Aloe vera is found in many over-the-counter products used treat cuts and burns and promote skin rejeuvenation.  Growing aloe is convenient because you can always pluck off a piece of a lower leaf as needed without interfering in the plant’s growth. A plant or two will go a long way.  Aloe is very tolerant of drought and low light conditions, making is a low-maintenance house plant. Yet is gives back by offering you a renewable source of aloe leaves. And if you;re growing a plant, you might as well get some use out of it.

Aloe vera reportedly increases circulation when it is applied to skin, which can help speed the healing of wounds. Raw aloe gel can be used as an alternative to lip balm. for chapped lips, either by itself or mixed with some petroleum jelly.  Aloe is a soothing remedy for dry skin or sunburn.  Aloe juice can be taken internally as well. It is used for stomach acid as it reportedly helps soothe the lining of the digestive system.  Aloe is even found in drinks. But internal consumption of aloe should only be undertaken with proper knowledge.  Part of the Aloe plant have laxative properties that can be harmful. You can also find live ALOE PLANTS in our store. But many growers prefer to raise their own aloe from seed.  And although aloe plants are common, aloe seeds are rather difficult to find.

Growing Information: A course, sandy soil mixture is best. Place your seeds on the surface and cover lightly with a thin layer of sand. Silica is ideal. Keep the soil moist, but not overly wet. Optimal germination is between 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Germination can take several months, so be patient. Adding perlite or rocks to your soil is a good way to increase drainage so that rot does not occur. A layer at the bottom of your container works well. Fluorescent lights work well as a light source for starting seeds. Once established, aloe enjoys full sun if it can be given. A sunny window will usually suffice. It is extremely frost hardy and can only be left outdoors in Zones 10-11. Fertilize once a year with a cactus fertilizer or half strength plant fertilizer.

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