Leonurine Hcl (Wild Dagga) 98% Pure Isolate


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Leonurine is the active alkaloid of herbs in the leonotis and leonurus genera such as wild dagga, klip dagga, motherwort and Siberian motherwort. This is a pure hydochloride isolate of leonurine. Leonurine reportedly has sedative, antioxidant, uterine stimulation, anti-platlet aggregation, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and mood lifting properties. Leonurine has also been the subject of clinical trials for circulatory and cardiovascular benefits, neuroprotectivity against degenerative brain diseases and anxiety relief in pregnant women.  It has also been studied for use in sufferers of ulcerative colitis by alleviating inflammation. Another rodent study, which is a typical precursor to human trials, concluded the potential for mediation of depression-like effects by way of improving monoamine tranmitters and reducing neuroinflammation.  Typical clinical dosage of leonurine was between 15 to 20 mg/kg. . We also carry several other wild and klip dagga extracts.

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