Voacanga Africana 10:1 Resin Extract


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Voacanga Africana is a tropical evergreen shrub native to West Africa. The genus of voacanga is closely related to those of Tabernanthe and Tabernaemontana and contains species that are primarily found in Africa and Asia. Although there are a few others found elsewhere. Growing to twenty feet in height, voacanga africana has dark green, glossy leaves and white to yellow flowers. The seeds form in yellow clusters inside a fruit, turning brown upon drying. Voacanga seeds and bark have been traditionally used as a poison, a cerebral stimulant, an aphrodisiac, for memory recall and for ancestral contact. Modern interest has been aroused in voacanga’s ability to treat drug dependency. Unfortunately, reliable and detailed information on this plant is limited.

This product is a standardized 10:1 Voacanga Africana powdered extract. Also offering seeds and live plants.

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