Tynanthus Panurensis (Clavo Huasca) Powder


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Clavo huasca (Tynanthus Panurensis) is an Amazonian vine regarded as an aphrodisiac herb for both male and females.  Clavo huasca is part of several commercial formulations sold in South America designed to increase libido.  Clavo huasca is one of several South American herbs for libido, including others like muira puama, maca, iporuru and catuaba, but typically these herbs are used by men.  It is unique to see these types of herbs that are sought out by females. The desired components of clavo huasca are not very soluble in water, so a tincture is the preferred method of preparation.  The powder can be covered with high strength ethanol at a ratio of 1 part powder to 4 parts ethanol.  Soak the powder for up to a month with regular shaking. The powder should be allowed to settle for a few days before it is poured off and strained or siphoned off.  The liquid can be evaporated off to yield a solid extract if desired.  Clavo huasca is also regarded as a digestive aid that can help expel gas and calm the stomach.

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