Trichocereus Peruvianus var Huancabamba (Peruvian Torch) Seeds


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We carry several varieties of Peruvian Torch. This variety of Trichocereus Peruvianus was collected in the elusive Huancabamba region, which is perched high up in the scenic mountains of the northwestern area of the country. Huamcabamba is a center for brujeria or witchcraft and healing and is home to legendary shamans (curanderos) whose natural medicine and spiritual beliefs are part of an ancient tradition. Still today these healers play a central role in the medicine that takes place there, an area primarily unadulterated by modern practices. And in fact, travelers from afar still make journeys to seek the help of these shamans in matters of health and love. Trichocereus Peruvianus is one of the most revered trichocereus species. This easy-to-grow, ornamental, columnar cactus, like other species of trichocereus, is tolerant of a wide variety of conditions and can handle more water and fertilization than most cacti. This makes it a good species for beginners. Its rapid growth rate rivals that of pachanoi (up to18 inches per year), and it can reach up to 18 feet with maturity. It is sometimes used as a grafting stock, although its large spines, which can easily measure three to four inches, make it more difficult to work with than San Pedro or Blue Myrtle. Like pachanoi, peruvianus is frost hardy to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit and can be raised outdoors all year in Zone 9 or warmer. Otherwise, it should be kept in medium to large pots that can be moved inside during the winter months. Plants can be watered frequently during the summer months. During the winter, they should be slowly acclimated to cool, dry, dark conditions to avoid stretching that could damage the aesthetics and structural integrity of the plant. When breaking dormancy in the spring, a reverse process of slowly introducing the factors necessary for growth may be beneficial for the same reason. For optimal skin color, trichocereus peruvianus should be kept in partial to full sun and the soil should be well-draining and rich in organic nutrients and minerals. Its blooms are also large and white.

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