Trichocereus Peruvianus “Serra Blue” x Huancoensis Hybrid Seeds


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This is another addition to our collection of rare hybrid cactus seeds. Both parents of this hybrid are extraordinary specimens in their own right. In this case, a trichocereus “Serra Blue” mother plant was pollinated with a trichocereus huancoensis.  Trichocereus “Serra Blue” clone of Peruvianus known for beefy stems and particularly blue stem. Trichocereus huancoensis is a lesser-known cactus that is pretty sought-after by serious collectors. Huancoensis is a pachanoid type of plant, meaning it has characteristics of pachanoi. This particular species is native to Huanuno, Peru. It has white nocturnal flowers and can have new growth that is completely spineless. The blue-green branching columns of Huancoensis can form can be incredibly thick. Stems as thick as 8 inched have been reported, with columns that tower 20 feet high. Certainly, this brings the size gene into the mix for these hybrid seeds.   Many hybrids also combine genetics of different species to form superior specimens that contain the more desirable qualities of both parents. For instance, you may get the increased growth speed of one species combined with the spine length or coloration that is characteristic of the other species. For collector’s, their fascination with hybrid cacti can be the pursuit of superior specimens, to the aesthetic mixing to simple rarity. With hybrids, you go from a set number of existing species to a seemingly endless list of possible combinations. For anyone beginning to collect hybrid cacti, this is an essential choice because it combines the two most iconic members of this wonderful genus. Although people don’t usually think of cacti for their flowers, trichocereus flowers undoubtedly rival the most impressive flowers of any other type of plant out there.

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