Trichocereus Chiloensis x Pachanoi var Monstrose Live Cactus (DISPLAYING PLANT)


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World Seed Supply is excited to offer these amazing hybrid seedlings grown from our own seed stock under Electric Sky LED Grow Lights. We are offering several different selections of hybrid trichocereus seedlings. This particular cross is one of the most morphable cacti we have grown. Different specimens can vary widely from one another, and can drastically change appearance over time. Some specimens have a growth pattern similar to the so-call Penis Plant (Trichocereus bridgesii var. Monstrose). Others have more of a cresting pattern, and plants can change between the two. Some are more columnar and others more compact. We highly recommend these if you are looking for something cool, and they also have San Pedro cactus genetics.  We also offer non-displaying seedlings from this batch for a lower cost. 

Trichocereus chiloensis x pachanoi monstrose is one of several trichocereus monstrose hybrid seedlings we offer. Monstrose is a term that refers to mutated growth patterns on cacti. These patterns form unique specimens with extreme aesthetic value. Usually this type of growth is reproduced by cloning, but this mutation can be passed down by seed. For this particular cross, a trichocereus chiloensis was used as the mother plant, and it was pollinated with trichocereus pachanoi monstrose pollen. Chiloensis is known for partiularly large spines, and it is an unusual choice for hybridization, making these particular hybrid cactus seeds even more unique.

Intentionally hybridized Cacti are highly sought-after by cactus collectors because of their rarity. Many hybrids also combine genetics of different species to form superior specimens that contain the more desirable qualities of both parents. For instance, you may get the increased growth speed of one species combined with the spine length or coloration that is characteristic of the other species. For collector’s, their fascination with hybrid cacti can be the pursuit of superior specimens, to the aesthetic mixing to simple rarity. with hybrids, you go from a set number of existing species to a seemingly endless list of possible combinations. . Although people don’t usually think of cacti for their flowers, trichocereus flowers undoubtedly rival the most impressive flowers of any other type of plant out there. We also offer other crosses with both of these parent plants.  ACTUAL SPECIMENS MAY VARY FROM PICTURE.

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