Syringe, Luer Lock 10ml with 16G 1.5″ Needle


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Each lot contains one BD 10ml luer lock syringe with one BD brand PrecisionGlide 1.5″ (16 gauge) needle.  Each needle and syringe is individually packaged in sterle packaging. This is a combo that includes one syringe and one needle per item.  These items are ready to use for making liquid cultures or spore syringes.

Sold for mycology purposes only. We offer a wide range of live mushroom cultures and mushroom spawn bags

**Buyer is responsible for frozen plants. USPS is heated, so the plant will be fine unless you leave it at your door too long. But if you are in a cold area and cannot get the plant right away, signature confirmation can be added to the shipping cost. They will hold the plant until you pick it up.

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