Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root) Seeds


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Rhodiola rosea is a cold-climate, perennial herb. Rhodiola is generally classified as a natural adaptogen, meaning a substance that promotes overall well-being and performance, both mentally and physically within the body. Rhodiola rosea was traditionally called golden root. Golden root increases blood flow to the brain, allowing for increased performance. As an adaptogen, rhodiola root is high in antioxidants. Rhodiola root users frequently find that it increases resistance to irritability, stress, fatigue and occasional headaches. By reducing stress, rhodiola benefits the heart. Rhodiola Rosea is also a favorite of Russian athletes who seek the benefits of physical performance, whereas it is employed by students looking for the mental performance. Rhodiola has also long been used in various other parts of the world as a health tonic. We are proud to offer rhodiola rosea seeds in addition to rhodiola extract and dried rhodiola root.

Growing Information: Rhodiola Rosea plants are easy to grow once established and is rather hardy, requiring little care to thrive. But rhodiola seeds are very tiny, and may be challenging to raise initially. Place your rhodiola seeds in shallow soil partially protected from wind and sun, starting when there is still significant wintry climate. Rhodiola plants thrive in rich soil so if your soil is poor, mix the top few inches with organic mulch before starting the germination process. For best germination, it is best to soak the tiny rhodiola seeds overnight, and plant in moist, sandy soil that will be placed in cool to cold storage for at least 6 weeks. You can also plant your rhodiola seeds outdoors during the fall through October in order to allow the winter, approaching, to work its charm. However, care must be taken to keep them from washing or blowing away. Rhodiola seedlings will not tolerate immense moisture OR extreme drought. “Rose Root,” likes full sun and therefore can be planted against buildings or as ground cover. Germination can take from 1-16 weeks.

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