Piper Methysticum (Kava Kava) Premium Noble Kava Root Blend Powder


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This is certified Noble Kava blend craftfully blended by one of our long-time contacts who operates a kava bar. This is superior to a lot of the kava we have seen in the last few years. This is a limited-time product while supplies last.

Kava (Piper Methysticum) is a vine indigenous to the islands of the west Pacific where it is used socially by locals and is a very big part of their everyday lives. The roots of this plant are what is used and the traditional brew is made by squeezing the pulverized roots through a fine cloth repeatedly in cold water. Today, powdered root and extracts are also used in many parts of the world for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Many users say that it has a quick acting and noticeably calming effect on the nerves.

***Although there have been reports of Kava being associated with liver toxicity. Recent reports have shown that it is the use of the stems and leaves of the plant and not the roots themselves that cause this, parts which are not used indigenously. None of our products contain the stems or leaves. All of our products are made solely from Kava roots.

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