Nelumbo Nucifera (SPACE Lotus) 25X Resin Extract


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Space Lotus is a super variety of Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera). Space Lotus was discovered in a batch of normal lotus to have twice the potency, and since then it has been selected and named as Space Lotus. Sacred lotus has been used for centuries as an divination plant. It is a prominent Buddhist symbol. It is said that everywhere the baby buddha stepped, a lotus bloomed. The lotus also represents the Buddhist principle of simultaneity of cause and effect since the lotus is thought to be the only flower that simultaneously contains the seeds, which are the cause, while blooming, which is the effect.  Typically, the seeds in other plants appear once the flower has dies back. In Hinduism, lotus is a symbol of enlightenment as well as purity and rebirth.

Lotus is a sedative and hypnotic herb. Lotus flower synergizes well with alcohol and may be steeped in wine just like blue lotus. It has an airy, uplifting but relaxing effect that can help calm the body and aid in meditation or dreaming.  Lotus contains nuciferine, which boosts the analgesic effects of opioids and contains anti-inflammatory action, making it a potentially helpful for pain support.  Aporphines are among several other alkaloids also found in the plant.  Nuciferine also inhibits the growth of several different types of cancer cells, including those associated with skin, prostate, breast and lung cancers.

This is our 25X resin extract made from organicThai-grown flowers. We also offer resins of Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Blue Waterlily, Red Waterlily and many other herbs!  SEEDS ALSO AVAILABLE!

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