Myrtillocactus Geometrizans (Blue Myrtle Cactus) – Live Plant


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Blue Myrtle is a columnar cactus native to Mexico that may reach twenty feet in the wild. This species is prized as an ornamental and a grafting stock for slower growing cacti such as astrophytum, ariocarpus and lophophora. As the name indicates, Myrtle has a bluish-green stem, and its spines are small like those of San Pedro cactus. This makes it much easier to handle. This species is hardy to about zone 9. Elsewhere, it must be brought in for the winter. Blue myrtle blooms in late march with several greenish-white flowers per areole. Following the flowers are edible fruits that resemble blueberries.

We offer live potted Myrtillocactus Geometrizans cacti. Our Blue myrtle cacti are sent in 2.5″ diameter pots. Plants can range from over 2 inches to over 4 inches depending on available stock.

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