Morchella Conica (Morel) – Whole Dried Mushrooms


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Morels are one of the most coveted edible mushrooms. Highly nutritious and lacking any type of fungal taste some people dislike about other mushrooms, they have a reputation as one of the most savory mushrooms from those who have tried them.  Surprisingly, for such a palatable shroom, relatively few mushroom lovers have ever even tried them. Like the truffle, morels are in limited supply because there is no practical way to commercially cultivate this mushroom. Morels form a symbiotic relationship with trees that is tough to recreate artificially. As a result, the worldwide demand relies on wild harvested morel mushrooms. So you have one of the best-tasting mushrooms without a way to mass-produce it. So the morel becomes a true delicacy.

Harvesting morels is labor-intensive. Experienced hunters often make long trips on foot to find morels. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that fresh morels are especially delicate. Fresh morel mushrooms cannot be piled on top of one another without being damaged, which limits the amount of morels one can harvest on a single trip.Since fresh morels are so delicate, and they do not store well, they are usually always sold dried. Dried morels can easily be reconstituted by soaking in lukewarm water for 20 minutes.  Use two cups of water per ounce of dried morels. Reconstituted morels can be just as savory as fresh morels, and you can store them in an airtight container for years.

Morels have the most vitamin D of any edible mushroom. They can offer liver support and are a rich source of antioxidants. Like shiitake, lion’s mane and maitake mushrooms, morels are also said to benefit a lot of the body’s functions and can function as an overall tonic or adaptogen.

We offer high quality dried morels along with a wide range of other medicinal mushrooms and live mushroom cultures.

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