Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) 50mg Isolate Tablets – 30 ct. Bottle


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Kratom is one of our most popular products.We were among the first to ever offer this type of product, which continues to be rare. Some sellers have pressed raw powder, which seems very impractical because with the necessary binders, you can fit more powder in a capsule than a tablet.  These tablets are made with our pure kratom isolate, which is a full spectum isolate containing the natural profile of alkaloids in the plant.  Tablets have a slower onset than liquid and is suitable for those who cannot bear the taste of powders or extracts or who cannot manage large amounts of capsules. Many new users may find these to be an easy introduction to kratom. Each tablet contains 50mg of isolate, which is equal to a few grams of natural powder or several size 00 capsules. Each bottle contains 30 tablets, and these are available in green, red and white vein.


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30 Ct Bottle - Green Vein

30 Ct Bottle – Green Vein

30 Ct Bottle - Red Vein

30 Ct Bottle – Red Vein


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