Lycium Ruthenicum (Black Goji Berry) Seeds


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Black goji is a rare relative of the traditional superfruit, known as the Wolfberry of Goji Berry. It is a wonder why the black goji berries are not the more popular variety though, because black goji berries are said to be more beneficially potent than their common counterparts. The tasty black morsels are not only particularly packed with antioxidants and immune-supporting compounds, they are sweeter than the red berries.  Black goji can be found growing wild in central Asia, and the plant has adapted to tolerate the harsh Himalayan climates. So they grow rather easily in cultivation once they are established. Black goji berries can be used just like red goji berries or in place of raisins.  Incorporating black goji berries into dried fruit and trail mixes, baking or as a beverage flavoring are just some of the ways this fruit can sweeten up your life. We offer Tibetan and Himalaya Goji berry seeds and Goji berry plants as well.

Growing Instructions: Some growers will presoak the seeds in water overnight., but it is not requires. We have actually grown these successfully using the Iharvest, which is an indoor hydroponic system. The seeds germinated much faster, and growth was many times faster, suggesting the pre-soak may be beneficial. The seeds should be sown about 1/8” in a well-draining soil. Once established, the seedlings can be transplanted to full sun or partial shade. Full sun will result in more berries. They can withstand considerable drought and will self-pollinate. The plants will start producing berries in the second or third season of growth. If kept in a pot, be sure to give considerable rootspace. They can reach up to ten feet with maturity. Once established, pruning may be desired.

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