Ligusticum Porteri (Osha Root) – Whole


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Osha root,  Ligusticum porteri, was a valuable Native American medicine. The plant is perennial herb in the carrot family, and it is native to the Rocky Mountains and part of New Mexico. A rather limited herb, many who use osha are passionate about it. The dried root packs an unusual aroma, and it is said to be useful as a supplement for congestion and colds, sore throats, pain relief, respiratory health, relaxation, viral infections, digestion, ulcer protection, skin wounds, animal bites and cough. It is reported to have high levels of antioxidants too. The root can be prepared as a tea by simmering for anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 6 hours to release all the active components. Drink as needed. You can also make an alcohol tincture by soaking the root for several months in high proof ethanol. A 1:5 tincture would be taken as 20 to 60 drops up to 5 times per day as needed. Avoid during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage and was used for that purpose traditionally.

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