Lespedeza Bicolor Seeds


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Lespedeza is a perennial member of the legume family, which means it’s related to things like peas, mimosa and desmanthus. As such, it forms a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that release nitrogen into the soil, thus improving it. This makes it a good plant to intercrop in your garden. Additionally, it can be used to prevent erosion and as a forage crop. Growing to about 8 feet, it is hardy to zone 5. It forms pink flowers for which is is grown as an ornamental.

Growing Information: Lespedeza Bicolor seeds should be germinated using the Hot Water Tek  https://www.worldseedsupply.com/germinating-hard-shelled-seeds-such-as-mimosa-acacia-and-bundleflower-the-hot-water-technique/ Plant the seeds at a depth of 1/8″ in a moist, well-draining soil mixture. Lespedeza  bicolor will tolerate a variety of soil compositions as long as they are well-draining and moist. Light shade is beneficial.

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