Eriodictyon Californicum (Yerba Santa) Wildharvested Leaf


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Yerba Santa, meaning ?sacred herb? in Spanish, is a name that refers to several similar plants of the eriodictyon genus. This perennial shrub has a distinctly pleasant aromatic scent. Native to dry areas of the southwestern United States, this evergreen typically measures about 4 feet in height and displays pale lavender flower clusters from May through July. Native Americans form the California region held this herb in high esteem as a spiritual aid and a medicine. Yerba Santa is associated with release. It is believed to free emotion from deep within the body. Having such qualities, it is believed to help with depression and sadness. On a physical level, yerba santa is an expectorant used for coughs, asthma and allergies. It has been used for respiratory issues ranging from bronchitis to tuberculosis to pneumonia. It is a bronchial dilator and was traditionally taken as a tea, tincture, syrup or smoke. It is said to have a pleasant taste.


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