Cymbopogon Flexuosus (East Indian Lemongrass) – Live Plant




As the name suggests, East Indian Lemongrass is a citrus-flavored grass from an area that includes India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. This annual grass is grown as an ornamental, an edible and a medicinal. Its flavor is attributed to a chemical called citral. This species is widely used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking to flavor soups and other dishes. It is also a constituent of many herbal teas, either alone or in combination with other herbs. Lemon grass is considered a stomach settler and a digestive stimulant, an anti-inflammatory and a vasodilator. It is probably most widely used to relax and revitalize the mind. It relives fatigue and an aching body. Additionally, it has reported antifungal and antimicrobial properties. The essential oil is also sold as an alternative to the tea to be used for the same purposes. Each plant contains 1 seed-grown potted live grass plug for starting your own grass patch. 

We ship live plants on Mondays and Tuesdays only, so please allow at least 1 week for shipping.  SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON LIVE PLANTS.

**Buyer is responsible for frozen plants. USPS is heated, so the plant will be fine unless you leave it at your door too long. But if you are in a cold area and cannot get the plant right away, signature confirmation can be added to the shipping cost. They will hold the plant until you pick it up.

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