Corydalis Yanhusuo 30% Full Spectrum Extract


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Corydalis Yanhusuo is an herb in the papaver family that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate the blood and support pain management. There are many species of corydalis. However, it is the rhizome of corydalis yanhusuo that traditionally has been the medicinal plant of choice in Chinese herbalism. Corydalis has been described by some as a particularly potent sedative that can be useful for insomnia. Corydalis has also been reported to be one of the best natural pain herbs without the addictive properties of many prescription drugs. Corydalis has many of the same active compounds as incarvillea sinensis as well as a number of different interesting alkaloids. Among the alakaloids found in corydalis yanhusuo are tetrohydropalmatine (THP), dehydrocorybulbine, corydaline, palmatine and glaucine. Many of these in isolation have shown in research to have promise with pain management. Although THP is used as a sleep aid and for other medicinal uses, it can be quite strong as a pure isolate, even at doses in the milligram range. There are also some properties that are lost compared to the raw herb or a full spectrum extract when dealing with pure THP, since you are removing all of these other active alkaloids. So a pure alkaloidal extract is more representative of a concentrated version of corydalis yanhusuo root. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or without the approval of a doctor or healthcare professional.

This is a 30% pure alkaloidal extract powder. This is a full spectrum extract containing the alkaloids present in corydalis yanhusuo rhizome. We also offer a less concentrated but less expensive 4:1 corydalis extract and as well as pure THP crystal, which is a very concentrated version of just the main alkaloid in corydalis yanhusuo.

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