Chenopodium Ambrosoides (Epazote) Wildcrafted Seeds


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Epazote’ is a 1-3 foot herb that is most commonly used as a culinary ingredient in Mexican cuisine as well as a flatulence preventative. Epazote’ reportedly means “skunk stench” in Aztec. It was originally used in cooking by the Mayans of southern Mexico, and similar use has persisted until today. Emitting a bitter flavor, it is often added to refried beans and chili sauces. As a medicinal herb, epazote’ is used for the treatment of skin diseases (such as eczema), ulcers and wounds. The seed and flower oil is highly toxic, and it is used to kill parasites and worms in both humans and livestock. It is antispasmodic and reportedly has anti-tumor properties. In Africa, it is used for colds and stomach aches. It is even used as a dye.

Growing Information: The seeds should be surface sown. Your soil temperature should be between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Epazote’ enjoys full sun and regular watering. It can be grown even in poor and rocky soils. It is considered a perennial in zones 8-9 and generally will grow as an annual elsewhere. Harvest time typically occurs in 55 days. Plants tend to self-seed readily and can become invasive.

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