Banisteriopsis Caapi (Yellow Tiger’s Paw) Vine Powder (WHOLESALE)


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There are a wide range of other Malpighiales species that are commonly called “caapi”. It was formerly thought that these were all different varieties of banisteriopsis. But it seems there are other genera as well.  This is very unique variety we are nicknaming “Yellow Tiger’s Paw”. The cross section of the vine resembles a tiger’s paw.  We suspect that it may be a species of tetraptery. It is not an actual variety of banisteriopsis caapi. And Yellow Tiger’s paw actually looks like Sky Blue vine, only it is yellow. Sky blue, despite the name, is red.  Although this is for powdered vine, we are including an image of the cross section in the gallery.  We began noticing this variety appear in mixed batches of vine. There does nto appear to be any specific local name for it. But we always seek to further the research of new plants, and we decided to get a little bit to offer. We are offering this in addition to our many other caapi and related products.

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