Banisteriopsis Caapi “Peruvian Yellow” (Yage) LIVE PLANT




We offer these seed-grown plants from our stock of Peruvian Yellow Banisteriopsis Caapi Seeds. Each plant will be genetically individual as opposed to our other plants, which are cloned. These plants are several months old and in limited supply.

Banisteriopsis caapi is a perennial vine native to the Amazon Rainforest. These are true banisteriopsis caapi seeds harvested form the Peruvian Amazon. You will notice from the picture in the gallery of four seeds, comparing side-by-side those of banisteriopsis caapi (bottom two seeds) with seeds of the maple tree (top two seeds) that the seeds are very similar. Many have confused the two, but aside from the wing, the primary seed at the lower end is different. The wing is not necessary fro germination at all. it is simply a mechanism for dispersal. caapi, known as yage or ayahuasca vine, has a long history as an ingredient in the ceremonial brews of various tribes that inhabit the Amazon. Established plants in optimal conditions can grow several feet in a week. Caapi does best in filtered light with high humidity in a temperature of about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It is frost tender and will survive only down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow it indoors as a houseplant. However, growth will slow if the temperature falls below 68 degrees. The soil should be kept consistently moist with a small amount of water added every few days. Most caapi reproduction is achieved through cuttings, which are taken in the summer.

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Growing Information: Banisteriopsis Caapi is a relatively easy-to-grow plant. It can be grown indoors in a window as a houseplant. It prefers shade when it is young, although established plants can tolerate full sun. They are hardy outdoors to zone 9. It will die back to the ground below about 40 degrees F, but it will regrow as long as it is mature enough and does not get too cold. Mulching the base and even using a pipe insulator to protect the main stem can all extend your hardiness factor in zone 9. Elsewhere, the caapi plant can be grown in containers and brought in during the coldest months, or kept in a heated greenhouse. It does well in fertile, well-draining soils and has average water needs.


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