Argemone Mexicana (Mexican Prickly Poppy) Wildcrafted Leaf


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This product contains cut and sifted wildcrafted Mexican Prickly Poppy leaf (argemone Mexicana). This is a very rare product, and we are proud to offer it in limited supply. We also have ground whole plant available. The whole plant is active. We also offer a 15X powdered prickly poppy extract made from our flowers.

Argemone Mexicana is perhaps the most well-known of the Argemone genus, the species of which are generally regarded as prickly poppies. Argemone Mexicana is an annual flower measuring up to three feet.  Prickly poppy is grown as an ornamental valued for its ornate spines that cover the stem and attractive white-veined, blue-green leaves. Yellow flowers will bloom in late summer and be replaced by spiky seed pods that will eventually burst and reseed the plant. In some cases, prickly poppy flowers have been known to survive more than one season. Native to Mexico, argemone mexicana has been naturalized in the United States and parts of Europe. It also grows in India where it is considered a valuable herb in Ayurvedic medicine. The sap or latex of the plant is sometimes used medicinally as a calming herb and an analgesic among other things. The oil from the seeds is used as a purgative but is generally considered toxic.

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