Alchornea Castaneifolia (Iporuru) Amazonian Herb Powder


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Alchornea Castaneifolia, known indigenously as Iporuru, is a medicinal plant used by cultures throughout the Amazon rainforest, including the Shipibo Indians of Peru. Although iporuru is widely used as an herbal remedy throughout the Amazon, few people in the rest of the world have yet to hear about this plant. Reports indicate iporuru is one of many plants that shamans use as admixtures in their sacramental brews. The plant is said to have a range of antifungal and antiviral properties, and so it may be appropriate as part of the cleansing aspect of these brews. Iporuru is known throughout Peru to be an herbal remedy for impotency. There it is considered an aphrodisiac herb and a geriatric tonic and has even been used to increase female fertility. Iporuru is also widely used in this region as an herbal treatment for joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle pain and rheumatism. People in the Amazon also reportedly use iporuru to regulate blood sugar levels. There are also focuses on possible anticancer and antitumor properties with this plant.

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