Trichocereus SS01 (Peruvianus) x Pachanoi Hybrid Seeds


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This mix combines the genetics of the two most popular species of the genus, pachanoi and Peruvianus. The SS01 is a Peruvianus form known for having excellent genetics. For that reason, it is a very commonly used fro hybidizing. It has a counterpart, called the SS02, which is actually a bridgesii. In this case, an SS01 mother plant was pollinated with pollen from a trichocereus pachanoi. Intentionally hybridized Cacti are highly sought-after by cactus collectors because of their rarity. Many hybrids also combine genetics of different species to form superior specimens that contain the more desirable qualities of both parents. Crossing presents the collector with endless possibilities. If you can understand the genetic mixing behind you, this is certainly a plant you want to have in your collection.

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