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Silene Capensis, also known as Silene Undulata, is a perennial herb whose roots were used extensively as a dream herb (aka. oneirogenic) by healers native to the river valleys of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Silene capensis is said to be more effective than calea zacatechichi, with reports of activity at only 250mg. Silene capensis plants form short rosettes from the ground eventually producing attractive white flowers. The flowers fall to be replaced by a capsule that will contain the small round seeds. We offer seed-grown silene capensis roots started from our own seed stock. DRIED SILENE CAPENSIS ROOTS ALSO AVAILABLE!

Growing Information: Silene Capensis is a relatively easy plant to grow. This dream root does best in fertile, well-drained soil.  Compost works well. Silene Capensis likes a lot of water, but good drainage is essential for avoiding root rot. You also want  adequate room for root growth. Growing in a raised bed is ideal. If you leave them in pots, your dream herb plants can be brought indoors in the winter in cooler climates. However, we have had silene capensis plants survive being covered in snow, and they have proven to survive New York winters. Trimming the tops will promote root growth.

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