Salvia Nemerosa (Nemerosa Sage) Organic Flowers


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Salvia Nemerosa, also known as meadow sage or nemerosa sage, is a drought tolerant, frost-hardy perennial species measuring about 1.5-2 feet in height. Nemerosa has leaves that resemble those of salvia officinalis, and its vibrant purple-blue flower spikes make it an ideal border or potted plant. The spikes are also a favorite hangout spot for bees, birds and butterflies that will help pollinate your garden. They can be cut and used in dried flower arrangements as well. Salvia is a member of the mint family, and many species have terpenes that are said to have medicinal properties. Nemerosa has been investigated for possible pain killing properties with action on the opioid receptors. Like many mint species, it may also hold potential as a dream herb.

We are proud to offer dried flower buds in very limited supply for those who wish to research it.

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