Rauwolfia Serpentina (Snakeroot) Seeds


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Rauwolfia Serpentina (Snakeroot) is a flowering plant native to south and east Asia, It has been used medicinally for centuries in India and China and also more recently in western cultures.  Snakeroot has been used for the relief of several central nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia and psychosis. It achieves this by depleting catecholamines and serotonin from nerves in central nervous system, thus depressing its activity. It is also used for the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery hypertension and as an antidote to poisonous snake and insect bites.  Rauwolfia Serpentina contains many active chemicals, including reserpine, yohimbine, deserpidine, rescinnamine, serpentinine and ajmaline.  Resperine, an FDA approved substance is the primary alkaloid in Rauwolfia and is used today in modern medicine as a treatment for hypertension. In addition, the National institutes of health (NIH) state that Yohimbine has been shown in human studies to be effective in the treatment of male impotence.

We are proud to offer fresh seed grown in India, where rauwolfia serpentina is valued in Ayurveda.  Natural reserves of this plant are being threatened by the worldwide demand. Rauwolfia is a difficult plant to cultivate commercially, so it keeps pressure on the natural supply. You can do your part to help this situation by growing your own rauwolfia plants. Although a challenging plant to grow, it is a rewarding experience, and the flowers will impress anyone who has the pleasure to behold them.  We recommend using GA-3 on rauwolfia.

Growing Information: Rauwolfia seeds are known to be very stubborn when it comes to germination. It is simply the nature of this species. Traditionally, the seeds are soaked in cow urine for 36 hours before being planted. But you can use a 500-1000 ppm solution of Ga-3 (gibberellic acid). Ga-3 has been shown in scientific studies to be quite effective in improving not only germination but also the survival rate of seedlings. GA-3 powder must be first dissolved in alcohol or left to sit for 24 hours in order to full be available to the seeds when put into solution. from there, you can soak for 2 days. Then fully dry the seeds before sowing.  Sow the seeds in

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