Papaver Somniferum (Lilac Pompon Poppy) Seeds




Lilac Pompon is a form of the somniferum poppy that displays vibrant light purple pom pom blooms. Poppies are one of the most popular annuals and are featured in flower gardens, poetry and art all over the world. It is symbolic of wealth, fertility and spring. They grow naturally in Asia, Europe and North America. This variety produces frilly double blooms. These flowers bloom in June-July and will reach up to three feet in height. The young plants begin as bluish green foliage that resembles lettuce. The dried pods are sometimes used in floral arrangements and will contain plenty of seed for the following year. However, they will most likely hybridize if planted with other varieties of poppy unless precautions are taken to prevent cross-pollination. We have a huge selection of other poppies.

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