Digital Gram Pocket Scale w/ Backlight LCD Screen 1000g capacity x .1g


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In addition to our milligram scales, we offer this pocket-sized digital gram scale with a 1-kilo (1000-gram) capacity. These scales measure in .1g increments (we also carry milligram scales) and are equipped with blue backlit LCD screens. This is the perfect scale for your basic weighing needs.
These is a great scale for the price. We use them for many of our own business activities, and we’ve found them to be better than a lot of more expensive scales that we’ve tried. The rubber buttons seem not to get clogged quite as easily as the hard buttons on other scales we’ve used. This model operates on 2 x AAA batteries and features four buttons that include “On”, “Off”, “Tare” and “Mode”. It weighs in five modes, including, “g”, “oz”, “ct”, “dwt” and “ozt”. The plastic cover doubles as a weighing tray, and each scale comes with an operation manual and soft covering case.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in