Coleus Blumei (Painted Nettle) – Live Plant




Coleus Blumei is among the most beautiful plants on earth, known for its majestic rainbow leaves that rival even the petals of most flowers. With numerous variations, it is no wonder why growers call coleus “painted nettle”. Coleus is extremely easy to grow and works well as a houseplant or as an annual landscaping plant. Coleus was first studied by Gordon Wasson following his visits with Mazatec shamans in southern Mexico. It seems from his reports that the Mazatecs used this plant medicinally as well ceremonially. Later evidence shows conflicting data with regards to coleus?s herbal potential. But it has even been postulated that coleus has potential as a dreaming herb. As coleus grows, it will form lavender flower stalks. It can easily be propagated by cuttings and will do well in plain window light. Whether you?re looking for something that is attractive, hassle-free or that has a bit of historical significance, coleus is a great choice.

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